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Modern video games rely on a surprisingly broad array of technologies to bring them to life. Many of the cornerstone techniques used today started life as academic research which was then repurposed, extended, refined, and optimized to suit the demanding constraints of real time game engines. For this inaugural Papers We Love conference, I have selected three influential academic papers which were instrumental to technologies I worked on during my twenty years in the game industry. For each paper, I'll tell the story of how it became a part of the development process, what it contributed, where it fell short, and how it attained the final form it took in game engine technology.

Referenced Papers

Casey Mutatori
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Casey Muratori is the host of Handmade Hero, an educational programming series, and the lead programmer at Molly Rocket on 1935, an upcoming interactive narrative game about organized crime in 1930s New York. His past projects include The Granny Animation SDK, Bink 2, and The Witness.

Casey's past research contributions include the n-way linear quaternion blend, the immediate mode graphical user interface (IMGUI), and the first geometric optimizations for the Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi (GJK) algorithm. His current research interests include interactive fiction, concurrent computing, and operating system architecture.