Heidy Khlaaf

Research Consultant,Adelard LLP

Photo of Heidy Khlaaf

Standards We Love (for assuring and verifying safety-critical systems)

Safety-Critical systems are prevalent throughout our everyday life, from using electricity generated by a nuclear power plant to riding an airplane in order to attend your favorite conference. Despite the increasingly-complex software used in these systems, both the tech and verification communities are largely unaware of the issues, processes, and standards that govern them. This talk will provide an overview of safety-critical systems and how the software used is assured and verified up to standards that ensure our safety.



Heidy Khlaaf is a Research Consultant at Adelard LLP where she evaluates, specifies, and verifies the implementations of safety-critical systems, and also contributes to the production of standards and guidelines for safety and security related applications and their development. Previously, she received her PhD from University College London where she developed novel research methodologies, in part with Microsoft Research, to fully-automate the verification of temporal properties over software systems in the tool T2.